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Faith and Facts

Foreword New Testament Relics

Apart from the mortal remains I do not see a chance to find any material relics of the life of Jesus. Even if somebody finds clothing, a cup, a lance, some nails or pieces of wood there is no way to prove the items are linked with Jesus. Not even theoretically, much less in practice. The search for these items was and is doomed to be futile. None of the countless religious relics stored in churches has any proven connection to Jesus or any scientific value. Therefore, no serious truth seeker will hunt for these items. They still might be interesting for financial reasons.

Still, some items of that kind like the Holy Lance or the Holy Grail are very well known. This public awareness helps to sell books and movies which in turn increases the awareness even more. As always, the hype surrounding these objects helps to make all sorts of gossip and esoteric nonsense be known very well. It does not help the very few facts to be know to a larger audience. So I included this small chapter.

When public demand for Christian relics exploded in late antiquity and medieval times people read the New Testament very carefully to check for mentions of portable objects of symbolic value. Two objects raised increased interest. A lance and a cup.

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